Citizens Tactical Unit Firearms Training Academy is a unique tactical training style; where the shooter of all experience levels can discover and enhance their shooting skills. From Concealed Carry to plinking to bullseye to close quarter combat the CTU environment is a true learning experience.
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ISAQCA: Intrinsic Shooting Abilities of Quickfire Concepts and Attributes

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-"Train Like You Own It" -

Firearm Information
Concealed Carry taught with a Unique Perspective from the Tactical Advantage

What is Citizens Tactical Unit's ISAQCA

I ntrinsic 

S hooting 

A bility


Q uickfire

C oncepts 


A ttributes 

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Citizens Tactical Unit 

Firearms Training Academy

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   There leys an old clich√©, "Jack of all trades Master of none". Well, to become a Master it takes a Lifetime! So how can one man in his in his lifetime truly claim Master of multiple disciplines? In our ever changing world there is so much knowledge evolving from our basic core skills; to claim Master of all truly neglects a holistic professional approach to resolve the task at hand.

   It is the Mission of ISAQCA to provide to our Clients the most proficient talents in the industry. As an individual, my integrity is foremost. As a manager I know my strengths; as I do my weaknesses. Therefore; I sought out the best; ~Masters in their Field of Expertise~ and brought them under ISAQCA and created one of the most powerful agencies in the business!

Welcome to ISAQCA



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  • "Knowledge of instructor was very helpful "
    Concealed Carry Firearms Student
  • "The instructor was very informative. I feel much safer around firearms and certainly more confident in my ability to use a gun! "
    NRA 1st Steps Pistol & Home Safety Student
  • "This course gave me a better understanding of the function and operation of firearms 5 stars ***** "
    NRA Pistol Student